One Year Repair Warranty


Unless otherwise noted on the product page, Full Send Electric warrants to the original consumer purchaser of the Product (“Purchaser”) that it will be free from defects in materials and manufacture on the date of purchase and will remain serviceable for a period of one year after the date of Purchaser’s purchase, subject to the exclusions in the following paragraph.



Warranty Exemptions


This Limited Warranty does not cover damage to the Product or any component part caused by any of the following:


  • Natural product degradation and wear and tear (such as motor bearings, foam pads, tyres, tubes, etc).
  • Damage caused by improper electrical connection, exposure to chemicals, water or excessive temperatures.
  • Damage to the Product or any component part caused by external causes such as (but not limited to) dropping, accident, collision, abuse, vandalism, negligence, improper handling, maintenance, or storage.
  • Damage caused by misuse such as riding over obstacles, overloading, racing, riding through sand and salt water, riding offroad conditions or otherwise using the Product contrary to the instructions and warnings contained in the user manual provided by the manufacturer.
  • Damage and/or defects caused by unauthorised and/or improper attempts to repair, alter, disassemble or otherwise modify the Product or any of its components.
  • Any damage and/or failure resulting from earthquake, fire, flood or other casualty.
  • Any faults that occur with personal electric transporters after 2000 kms. 


You will void the warranty when you:


  • Flash the firmware of the item or root the item.
  • Modify, remove, customise, or swap the parts of the item (external attachments and accessories are allowed).
  • Damage the product by using it in a way that it is not originally intended for.
  • Continue to use the item once a fault occurs that may have caused further damage.


All warranty returns must first be authorised by our customer service team before you return or ship any item to us. You can contact our Service email: and/or submit a Service request on our website.

 All return requests will first need to be inspected by our customer service team. The process will be most efficient if you contact us via email which will allow us to collect details about the problem, your serial number, and supporting photos and/or videos.  A Return Authorisation form will be supplied to fill out and return with the goods for assessment. If we determine the item cannot be repaired, the customer service team will respond to you and may offer an alternative solution.


Please note that an issue of a Return Authorization form is not an acceptance for credit, replacement or repairs.